Balloon Flying Handbook

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This handbook introduces the basic pilot knowledge and skills that are essential for piloting balloons. It introduces pilots to the broad spectrum of knowledge that will be needed as they progress in their pilot training. Student pilots learning to fly balloons, certificated pilots preparing for additional balloon ratings or who desire to improve their flying proficiency and aeronautical knowledge, and commercial balloon pilots teaching balloon students how to fly should find this handbook helpful. This book introduces the prospective pilot to the realm of balloon flight and provides information and guidance to all balloon pilots in the performance of various balloon maneuvers and procedures.
FAA Code: FAA-H-8083-11A
Type: eBook for Aviation Exam apps
Pages: 252
Book chapters:
Introduction to Balloon Flight Training
2)   Hot Air Balloon Design, Systems, and Theory
3)   Preflight Planning
4)   Weather Theory and Reports
5)   The National Airspace System
6)   Layout To Launch
7)   In-flight Maneuvers
8)   Landing and Recovery
9)   Aeromedical Factors
10)   The Instructional Process
11)   The Gas Balloon