Seaplane, Skiplane, and Float/Ski Equipped Helicopter Operations Handbook

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This FAA operational handbook introduces the basic skills necessary for piloting seaplanes, skiplanes, and helicopters equipped with floats or skis. It is primarily intended to assist pilots who already hold private or commercial certificates and who are learning to fly seaplanes, skiplanes, or helicopters equipped for water or ski operations. It is also beneficial to rated seaplane pilots who wish to improve their proficiency, pilots preparing for flights using ski equipped aircraft, and flight instructors engaged in the instruction of both student and transitioning pilots.

The book introduces the future seaplane or skiplane pilot to the realm of water operations and cold weather operations, and provides information on the performance of procedures required for the addition of a sea class rating in airplanes.
FAA Code: FAA-H-8083-23
Type: eBook
Pages: 82
Book chapters:
Rules, Regulations, and Aids for Navigation
2)   Principles of Seaplanes
3)   Water Characteristics and Seaplane Base Operations
4)   Seaplane Operations – Preflight and Takeoffs
5)   Performance
6)   Seaplane Operations – Landings
7)   Skiplane Operations
8)   Emergency Open Sea Operations
9)   Float and Ski Equipped Helicopters