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Private + Recreational Pilot Test Prep eBook Edition 2018

The most complex preparation for theoretical exams.

05 Feb 2018
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  Private + Recreational Pilot
  Airplanes and Helicopters
  • Private Pilot - Airplane
  • Private Pilot - Airplane (Transition from Recreational)
  • Private Pilot - Glider
  • Private Pilot - Gyroplane (Transition from Recreational)
  • Private Pilot - Helicopter
  • Private Pilot - Helicopter (Transitional from Recreational)
  • Recreational Pilot - Airplane
  • Recreational Pilot - Gyroplane
  • Recreational Pilot - Helicopter

Up-to-date questions with explanations reflecting Aviationexam database.

This specific title provides a test prep material for your FAA Private + Recreational Pilot exams. It contains questions, answer possibilities, correct answer and explanations for all questions (many explanations supplemented with illustrations). Includes picture supplements relevant to your studies for the FAA exams

This format brings many advantages such as interactive content, bookmarks and search capabilities. Another great benefit is the zero weight of the book and the possibility to have it readily available anywhere and anytime on your tablet or phone.

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  • Detailed explanations to all questions
  • Multi-platform capability – use our applications that also run offline
  • Picture supplements in high quality.
  • Bookmark the pages you would like to return to.
  • Search for specific keywords in questions and answers.
  • Solid company with history of 10+ years in the business of pilot exam test prep.
  • System reliability achieved through the use of robust hardware architecture; multiple backup systems and a high-bandwidth server connectivity.
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30 Apr '18
Great explanations and questions updated .
07 Aug '18
Excellent tool and platform for preparing for the EASA ATPL exams. Comments from other students are invaluable as are the explained answers. Do yourself a favour and check it out.
Pilot student
09 Jun '18
Slogan is a joke, app is a must
Slogan ”Passing pilot exam is easy” is a practical joke. Passing ATPL theoretical exams requires a huge amount of work and dedication. You should know what they teach you in books and lessons, but the only way to pass ATPL exams with good grades is to study the question bank carefully. Aviation Exam has quite accurate and continuously updated database. Explanations are relatively good, but still could be better. Comments from other users are very useful, thus reading them one understand that you are not the only one confused or frustrated with these questions. The app is not perfect, but it is the best around to study ATPL questions.