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Android - closed beta 

Something is coming and we're looking for keen people to check it out through and through!

A brand new Android application, which will replace the current one, is almost here. As we are nearing the finishing line, we are looking for eager beta testers to help us squish some bugs and further improve the app before its launch.

So what's new?

Apart from the technological innovations, the new application brings many new, highly anticipated features! For example:
  • Darkmode
  • Drawing tools
  • eTextbook support
  • Rename saved tests
  • Improved saved test management and so much more!

Join now!

Sign up for our closed beta and be the first to enjoy these features. On top of that, all selected beta users will have free and full access to our eTextbooks for the duration of the beta!

In return, we ask you to send us bug reports and regular feedback, and do a real stress test of the app.

Do you want to be a part of the beta testing?

Let's take a look at some of the new features:


The whole application now supports light and dark mode - it's up to you to choose the look you prefer. 

Dark Mode
Light Mode
Drawing tools

Yes, drawing tools are now finally integrated in the new Android application, so that you can practice questions with supplements even when you are on the go and have no computer at hand. 

Draw Menu

eTextbook support

The new Android application has improved Library and reader, which allows you to access our eTextbooks also in this app!

Note and Highlight

Rename saved tests

Studying for a subject intensively? In the Android app, you can give your saved tests custom names to quickly find the one you need. However, keep in mind that statistics are analysed from finished tests, so remember to finish them :) !

Rename Test
Custom name

Improved saved test management

You do not have to upload or download all tests that fit in that criteria - choose only the ones you want to transfer.

Upload Saved Test
Download Saved Test


-> the new app requires Android system version 5.0 and higher,
-> the beta version replaces the currently available version on your device, but you will be offered to migrate your local data.

Thank you!