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Our question banks are constantly updated.


You can use any device and simply synchronize your account.


We cover EASA-FCL (Europe) syllabus.


Our Library provides various training and regulatory documents.


Many unique functions that you will not find anywhere else.


Special interface for ATOs. Support your theoretical lectures with our practical tests.

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We provide apps for all devices that you can use offline.

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vivaldi1538 (US)
10 Apr '20
Kim (US)
07 Apr '20
I just want to say thank you for the great product. It's my number option for studying and it's very affordable. 
Sakai (US)
17 Jan '20
I really enjoy the explanation of the questions and it also sites what book or where the explanation can be found. It's very thorough with that. I also enjoy how it keeps tracks of what I got right and wrong and let's me go back to study that question.
Sakai (US)
17 Jan '20
MikeAlpha414 (US)
15 Jan '20
Very useful app for studying!
James (US)
28 Nov '19
The best EASA study aid you can get.
​By far the best and most helpful aid on the market when it comes to passing the EASA ATPL
boris-the-blade (US)
24 Oct '19
Worth the money
​The user interface is great. Explanations often (but not always) cut and paste and repeated identically across many questions which is frustrating. But managing 17000 questions cannot be easy. Overall satisfied.
Fazza12442 (US)
04 Oct '19
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