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Melvin 03 Jul '24
Hi Avex-team
I recently passed my first 7 exams in Switzerland and was glad with the coverage Avex provided - thank you!
Kacper 24 Jun '24
I've been a user of AviationExam for over 1 year now. I really like your page and gather a lot of useful aviation information. Best wishes,
Carl 18 Jun '24
I passed all nine exams in my first attempt. Your product can prepare you a lot for the PPL exams. Although some subjects are too hard when I compare it to EASA exams (e.g. meteorology).
All in all, I would definitively recommend you to future students and I will probably use you app again if I take ATPL course.
Ilhan 29 Apr '24
Studying with Aviationexam made my exam preparation a breeze! I recently took exams administered by Austrocontrol in the UK, and the questions I encountered were well-covered in Aviationexam's question bank. I’ve seen a maximum of 4 new questions in total during my exams of 6 subjects.
Maurus 17 Apr '24

I passed yesterday my last exams at BAZL in Switzerland.
Thank you very much for everything. The whole questionbank is just oustanding. It was the only one I was using and I cannot compare it to others but the fact that I passed everything speaks for itself. If you need any recommandation from me feel free to reach out to me.
Furthermore I am very grateful for the support you gave me. Whenever I reached out to you I got a answer in a timely manner. Special thanks go to Alexander Metzendorf!
Wish you guys all the best and thanks again.
Jonathan 17 Apr '24
Hello, I have now successfully passed the 13 ATPL H IR exams with an average of 93%. I pretty much only used Aviationexam as well as Phil Croucher's book to study, I found the database content to be very good and up to date.
Arnold 05 Apr '24
I would definitely suggest my friend to use this platform. Thank you!
Richard 04 Apr '24
Hey guys,
I finally did it and beat all exams CPL (H). If you struggle with PoF I highly recommend you the Book Principles of Helicopter flight written by J.D. Wagtendonk.
good luck to all of you!
Iman 18 Mar '24
General Navigation 18/03/2024 (2020 syllabus) Result: 96%.
hugo 17 Mar '24
Aviation Exam, est l'outil INDISPENSABLE pour réussir son ATPL théorique. Je recommende les yeux fermés. L'application est ergonomique et bien faite.
Christoph 13 Mar '24
Hi guys, today i made Aiframe, System, Powerplants at Austrocontrol. Most question had been in the bank! Thank you.
Martha 05 Feb '24
Good afternoon,  
I have completed my final ATPL exam yesterday and expect to receive the results for the last three exams next week. I began taking the ATPL exams in July 2023 and finished them in four consecutive sittings.
I would like to express my gratitude for the professionalism demonstrated in the Aviation Exams database, as it greatly assisted me in my studies and closely resembled the actual exam questions.
Best regards,
Red Aviation 22 Jan '24
Die App ist sehr simpel und verständlich aufgebaut. Als weitere Lernmittel bedarf es weiterer Literatur, doch eignen sich die Fragenkataloge sehr gut zum festigen des zu vermittelnden Inhalts. Die Fragen decken sich zu 90% mit dem Stoff aus den Lehrbüchern. Ein etwas frischeres Design während der Tests wäre wünschenswert.
Panagiotis 19 Jan '24
Hello all!
I am a subscriber and in October i completed ATPL Theory!
I'd like to say a huge "thank you!" as i found this database very helfull for me to achieve this!
pierre 35 28 Oct '23
Without this app, it will be difficult to prepare ATPL examination.
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