PPL Questions

PPL Questions

for airplanes, helicopters and gliders

Aviationexam PPL Questions now available!

A brand new product to help you with your PPL (A), PPL (H) and Glider licences! Prepare for your private pilot licence written exam with our database of questions.


Key features:

  • All questions have an explanation. Question specific and written by pilots.
  • Hundreds of original graphics for questions and explanations, all in high quality by our designers.
  • Follows the learning objectives of EASA PPL and covers all of them.
  • All questions were created by active pilots who put great emphasis on the usefulness of questions.
  • Universal questionnaire - contains the types of questions you will be asked during your official exam.

ATO tested and approved!


For us at Reykjavik Flight Academy, Aviationexam's PPL question bank has been a remarkable find. It is a huge advantage to have access to a premade PPL specific question bank, where I must say that the questions are quite in line with what I expected.
While we understand that each state have its own variations in PPL testing, Aviationexam's approach in creating this general PPL question bank has greatly simplified our training process as it serves as a knowledge checking tool, regardless of the individual authority variations to the questions used for testing. We highly recommend this tool to any ATO looking for a reliable and effective learning resource.

Pablo Alvarez
CTKI - Reykjavik Flight Academy



About this product

With a focus on the question-answer format, the Aviationexam PPL Question Bank will help you practice for the real exam during your PPL journey. Use our study test mode and go through the questions at your own pace, read explanations and discuss the topics with fellow students. Exam mode will simulate the real exam with the parameters designed by EASA so that you can challenge yourself in this mock exam, where a fail is still safe.

Despite the fact that many countries have their own set of questions, we are confident that the content of Aviationexam PPL database will prepare you thoroughly for the types of questions you might be asked during your PPL exam. We created this database while strictly adhering to the learning objectives of EASA, which ensures a complete coverage of topics. Therefore, our new PPL Questions allow effective preparation for exams in any European country as a universal database.

Aviationexam's solution provides comprehensive preparation to bolster your confidence ahead of the real exam. Our advanced analytics and statistics system will effectively guide you through every question. Identify and overcome your weaknesses by reviewing incorrectly answered questions. You are not alone on your journey to obtaining a PPL license – engage with the PPL community in the comments section for each question.


We provide 5% of the questions for free for you to try and see if our solution is to your liking. Try a free test at our website or in the Aviation Exam application (iOS, macOS, Windows, Android).