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Aviationexam database 2023 - Boosted, Streamlined and Revised 

New database and new features to help you focus on questions reported and based on REAL EXAM questions.

Our students say:

Dear Team, Yesterday I passed the EASA INS exam in The Netherlands. I think that not one question was new for me and I had a really good time taking the exam. Many thanks! Really spot on! Studying the questions in combination with your ATPL books is rock solid. Greetings, Simon 

Dear Aviation Exam Team,
last thursday I had my HPL exam together with Performance, Communications and Airlaw in Austria. I passed all subjects and I can say that your Questionbank for ATPL (A) prepared me well. So you guys are doing a great job. Keep going with that.​ Julian

Our mission was to provide you with a database of questions that corresponds to current exams. Your success is our priority. To help you find the relevant questions easily, we made the following three steps. Let us take a closer look.


1) Boosted

Now with more relevant questions

We have prepared the most extensive update of our EASA prep ATPL question bank and added 1046 questions, which are all created with regards to your latest real exam question feedback. The update concerns the whole database so you will find new questions across all EASA subjects. On top of that, this update brings you 33 new question and 47 explanation figures.

2) Streamlined

Less total number of questions to go through​

Quality over quantity - with that in mind, we have archived 1976 of questions that had no real feedback from you so that you do not have to struggle through hundreds of irrelevant questions. Moreover, the database is regularly maintained with real exam student feedback - new questions added and unseen questions that were deemed irrelevant removed weekly.


3) Revised

Reorganised with exam appearance and recentness as the priority​

We shifted the questions around and reorganised our database so that questions you report as seen most frequently on exams are in Essential level while keeping the Essential level small, yet packed with the most relevant questions. The Standard level has questions that you will most likely encounter on your exams. With that, students that would like to cover all their bases can also go through the Exhaustive level to which we moved questions that have been reported as seen on real exams, yet not as often or a longer time ago.

How to make the maximum use of the above?

Find the real questions easily with the following functions available in all our apps and website - Official Exam Appearance & Last Seen.

Official Exam Appearance

The Official Exam Appearance feature enables you to find questions that have been reported as seen in the country or countries of your choice. This tool is highly effective for maximizing your exam preparation by providing you with questions from real exam feedback and increasing your chances of passing the official exam.

Official Exam Appearance
Official Exam Appearance Settings
Last Seen

The Last Seen feature complements the Official Exam Appearance feature by prioritizing questions with the most recent feedback. This ensures that you focus on questions that are more likely to appear on the official exam. Furthermore, this feature is limited by date, guaranteeing that you receive the most relevant and up-to-date questions.

Last Seen
Last Seen Info

Database Levels

Our EASA exam prep database is divided into three levels that function as layers.  The Essential level has a small number of the most current questions, which you should use for a quick revision of the closest representation of the official exam shortly before taking it. The Standard level is strongly recommended for complete exam preparation, as it contains questions that have been reported as seen, although not as often. Nonetheless, they may still appear on your official exam. The Exhaustive level is the best option for students who want to cover all their bases and go through questions that may still be appearing, but with a lower likelihood.
You can change the database level anytime - see the New Test section and change the level for your next test right there.

5678 questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose all my progress with this update? 
Your progress will not disappear. There may, however, be certain changes. As new questions were added and some removed, it is very likely that you will have less questions covered. Nevertheless, you do not need to worry - all the questions you saw and answered (correctly or incorrectly) stay this way, they are not reset.

What will happen to my saved test?
When you launch your saved test, any questions that have been archived in the meantime will be removed after you restart your test. Consequently, your saved test might have fewer questions than when you originally created it. That is why we recommend creating a test with a lower number of questions – keep in mind that your statistics are generated from the tests you finish. The more finished tests you have, the more the Aviationexam Study test generation algorithm will help you focus on what you have not seen or what is difficult for you.

How do I find questions relevant for me?
To find the questions that are relevant to your exam preparation, go to Study Test settings. There, you will find the Official Exam Appearance feature. Click the cogwheel to open the settings, where you can decide whether you want to see the questions reported worldwide or, in the second tab, choose the countries or country that you are interested in. Once you confirm your selection, the system will filter the questions that were reported as seen in the country or countries that you selected.

How can I get this update?
When this update becomes live, it will be automatically available on our website. To ensure that you have the latest version on your devices, please make sure to synchronise them and download all available EASA preparation databases. This way, you will have access to the most up-to-date update.​

Are there explanations available for all questions in the Aviationexam database?
We are working hard to provide explanations for all questions in our updated database. While some of the new questions may not have explanations available yet, new ones are added daily and immediately accessible on our website. We recommend syncing your devices frequently to ensure you have the latest content. Currently, approximately half of the new questions have explanations and we're adding more every day. We appreciate your patience as we work to enhance our database