for ATPL (A) preparation


Introducing Aviationexam eTextbooks 

Aviationexam electronic textbooks explain the matter required for EASA exam, namely the ATPL (A) license. However, students preparing for other airplane licenses (CPL, IR) can benefit from these eTextbooks, too. Subjects are covered in separate titles available in two versions. Each version follows a different syllabus structure - either 2016 or 2020 Learning Objectives, so you can prepare with the version you need. All eTextbook titles will get you its two versions.

What are the main benefits?

  • The eTextbooks follow the structure or the official EASA Learning Objectives and each objective is explained.
  • eTextbooks are linked to Aviationexam EASA test prep database - is the explanation of the question not enough? Click and be transferred to the relevant chapter in the eTextbook.
  • Electronic form offers many advantages - zero weight, instant updates and interactive content.
  • All Learning Objectives are covered
  • Interactive - bookmark, write notes, highlight and search

Where can I see the eTextbooks?

The new eTextbooks are currently available only for iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) with the Aviationexam application version 8.6.0 minimum. The other platforms will follow soon, the support will be for all Aviationexam standalone apps. You can find the eTextbooks in our eshop, and if you'd like to see a sample before you decide, please open the Aviationexam app on an iOS device and see the app's Library.

Take a look at some of the features


Question - eTextbook link

Our EASA prep questions are linked to the eTextbooks. If the explanation is not enough, tap on the icon of the eTextbook to open the part where that topic is explained.


Found a passage you like? Highlight it so you can find it again easily. In case you have some extra things you would like to add or remember, you can write a note and save it. 



When you need to find a definition or simply read as much as you can about a certain topic, search for the keyword and navigate to the relevant part of the ebook in a matter of a few taps.


Manage your bookmarks and annotations

Not only can you highligh a part of a text or write your own note, but you can also bookmark the whole page you find useful. To see the whole context of your annotations or to get to the bookmarked page, simply tap on a note or highlight and see where they are in the ebook.


Adjustable font and background

The eTextbooks have a flexible layout and you can adjust the font size anytime. Also, we know that the default white background might not be comfortable for everyone, so you can turn on a warmer background colour which resembles a book page to lower the contrast.


Check them out yourself!

The eTextbooks are releasing 1 June 2021 at 8:00 UTC and you can find them in our store at or you can see a sample in the latest Aviationexam application on your iPhone or iPad.

Enjoy reading!

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