New Answer Styles

UK CAA introduces an e-exam platform with new answer styles

What is Quadrant?

Quadrant is the delivery platform for conducting the theoretical exams in UK. In addition, Quadrant introduces new answer styles, which in essence are a different form of answers. Electronic testing system improves the effectivity and speeds up the administrative process compared to paper-based examinations.

What changes?

The new testing system introduces new answer styles:
  1. Multiple-choice - select an answer from 4 offered variants. (Current answer style)
  2. Multi-select - for example, you will be provided with a list of options and you must choose all of the answers, which are correct.
  3. Inline - this is a type of fill-in-blanks answer, where you are to select a possible answer from a drop down menu - for instance for sentence completion.
  4. Text - fill-in-blank answer, you are required to type in your answer, mainly intended for numerical answers - e.g. results of calculations or entering data from a chart.
Multi-select options Inline answers Fill in blanks

Do the exams change completely? Is there something that remains unaffected?

The parameters of the official exam stay as they were. The exam length, amount of questions and their distribution (i.e. the ratio of questions from individual areas of a subject)

What does that mean for me? Is there a reason to be concerned?

The change described above concerns the style or type of answers. You will be asked the same questions, only in a different manner. With thorough preparation and ensuring you understand the subject, you should not have any problems. Other countries have had fill-in-blanks type of answers since a long time ago and students do not have a problem with it - for example Germany.
To see what the new answer styles look like in reality, you can check this video where all of the types are shown:

Can I find this in Aviationexam? Where?

Yes, we worked diligently to bring you this update! This new feature is available for latest iOS, OS X, Android and Windows applications and also the web. 

This setting is optional, therefore users, who do not wish to use this feature can keep their settings unchanged to continue studying in the same manner they did until now.
Custom test settings
In your settings you will see the option of New Answer Styles. Note that this option automatically activates the Marks Evaluation settings. To learn about any updates and news firsthand, follow us on our social sites our sign up for our newsletter.
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