Jeppesen JAR-FCL Student Pilot Route Manual

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The indispensable manual for all aspiring pilots.

The Jeppesen JAR-FCL Student Pilot Route Manual has been developed to assist the student pilot in preparing for the professional pilot exam. Pilots working towards the EASA exams will need this manual during the examination. Get familiar with the Jeppesen charts and feel confident at your official exams.

Please note that some question from subject 033 Flight Planning & Monitoring within our system require the Jeppesen JAR-FCL Student Pilot Route Manual.
The Jeppesen JAR-FCL Student Pilot Route Manual contains:
Chart Glossary
Enroute Chart Legend
Enroute Chart Legend - High Altitude Charts
Enroute Chart Legend / Area Charts
United States Low Altitude Enroute & Area Chart Legend
Class B Airspace Chart Legend
Australia Enroute & Area Chart Legend
SID, Star, And Profile Descent Legend
Approach Chart Legend
Charted Visual Flight Procedures
Approach Chart Legend / GPS Approach Charts
Approach Chart Legend New Format (Briefing Strip Concept)
United States Airport Sign Systems
United States Instrument Runway Markings
ICAO Recommended Airport Signs And Runway Markings