Glider Flying Handbook

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This FAA handbook is designed as the primary technical manual for the required aeronautical knowledge necessary to safely operate a glider. It is an essential reading material for applicants who are preparing for their glider category rating, as well as for currently certificated glider pilots who wish to improve their knowledge. Flight instructors will find this handbook a valuable training aid, since it includes detailed coverage of aeronautical decision-making, components and systems, aerodynamics, flight instruments, performance limitations, ground operations, flight maneuvers, traffic patterns, emergencies, soaring weather, soaring techniques, cross-country flight, towing, and human factors.
FAA Code: FAA-H-8083-13A
Type: eBook for Aviation Exam apps
Pages: 268
Book chapters:
1)     Gliders and Sailplanes
2)   Components and Systems
3)   Aerodynamics of Flight
4)   Flight Instruments
5)   Glider Performance
6)   Preflight and Ground Operations
7)   Launch and Recovery Procedures and Flight Maneuvers
8)   Abnormal and Emergency Procedures
9)   Soaring Weather
10)   Soaring Techniques
11)   Cross-Country Soaring
12)   Towing
13)   Human Factors