Helicopter Instructor’s Handbook

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This official FAA handbook is a companion to the "Helicopter Flying Handbook". It is the primary resource for teaching helicopter operations - designed as a technical manual for applicants preparing for their flight instructor pilot certificate with a helicopter class rating. Detailed coverage of all required knowledge areas makes this manual a suitable reference guide also for experienced helicopter instructors preparing other pilots for a helicopter rating. It covers both aeronautical knowledge and skills for operating the aircraft and the FAA’s official helicopter-instructing methods, procedures, and regulations. Flight training subjects are supported with information on common student errors, practical flight instructor tips and strategies, instructional hazards, and sample lesson plans.
FAA Code: FAA-H-8083-4
Type: eBook for Aviation Exam apps
Pages: 238
Book chapters:
1)     Introduction to Flight Training
2)   Introduction to the Helicopter
3)   Aerodynamics of Flight
4)   Helicopter Flight Controls
5)   Helicopter Components, Sections, and Systems
6)   Rotorcraft Flight Manual
7)   Weight and Balance
8)   Helicopter Performance
9)   Preflight and Postflight Procedures
10)   Basic Flight Maneuvers
11)   Advanced Flight Maneuvers
12)   Helicopter Emergencies
13)   Attitude Instrument Flying
14)   Night Operations
15)   Helicopter Operations
16)   Practical Examination + Preparation for Flight Review
17)   Single-Pilot Resource Management, Aeronautical
Decision-Making, and Risk Management