Instrument Procedures Handbook

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An official FAA handbook originally intended primarily as a technical reference for professional pilots who operate under instrument flight rules (IFR). However, with the latest updates resulting in the current edition containing a specialized glossary, index, full-color illustrations and photographs, the handbook became a valuable reference guide and training aid also for the flight instructors, all instrument pilots and instrument students. The wealth of information provided in this book is invaluable to everyone who operates under IFR.

In this manual the emphasis is placed on operations and procedural information for real-world use, which makes this the next logical step for pilots after learning basic instrument skills from the "Instrument Flying Handbook" (FAA-H-8083-15B). Industry-wide it is considered as a top source for instrument procedures information and a “must read” for all instrument pilots.
FAA Code: FAA-H-8083-16A
Type: eBook for Aviation Exam Apps
Pages: 312
Book chapters:
1)     Departure Procedures
2)   En Route Operations
3)   Arrivals
4)   Approaches
5)   Improvement Plans
6)   Airborne Navigation Databases
7)   Helicopter Instrument Procedures
       * Emergency procedures
   * Acronyms