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Airline Transport Pilot Test Prep eBook Edition 2018

The most complex preparation for theoretical exams.

05 Feb 2018
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  ATP and Dispatcher
  Airplanes and Helicopters
  • Aircraft Dispatcher
  • Airline Transport Pilot Helicopter
  • Airline Transport Pilot Multiengine Airplane
  • Airline Transport Pilot Single Engine Airplane

Up-to-date questions with explanations reflecting Aviationexam database.

This specific title provides a test prep material for your FAA ATP and Dispatcher exams. It contains questions, answer possibilities, correct answer and explanations for all questions (many explanations supplemented with illustrations). Includes picture supplements relevant to your studies for the FAA exams

This format brings many advantages such as interactive content, bookmarks and search capabilities. Another great benefit is the zero weight of the book and the possibility to have it readily available anywhere and anytime on your tablet or phone.

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  • Detailed explanations to all questions
  • Multi-platform capability – use our applications that also run offline
  • Picture supplements in high quality.
  • Bookmark the pages you would like to return to.
  • Search for specific keywords in questions and answers.
  • Solid company with history of 10+ years in the business of pilot exam test prep.
  • System reliability achieved through the use of robust hardware architecture; multiple backup systems and a high-bandwidth server connectivity.
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19 Sep '18
Its amazing very accurate and very helpful to study for my FAA exams also my classes. I love how it explains and uses the book 8083. I recommend anybody. I pass General and Airframe just using this app my next goal is Powerplant-AMP with a 90% or up :)
26 Jun '18
Dear Aviationexam Team,
I finished. Today I completed the last three from all of the 14 subjects. 
How can I thank you for providing this fantastic tool for exam preparation? Absolutely genious. Very efficient to learn and prepare with all of the questions and first of all with the explanations. 
A bit more then one year the real preparation and doing the exams. A tough time is over, but without of this outstanding tool it would have take much longer. 
Thank you once again! A big hug from Hungary! Keep working. With best regards and a lot of lift on your wings:
17 May '18
I have finished all of the theoretical exams. Thank you for your incredible support during the preparation and the study. Without your help this success would have been impossible.