General Exam Feedback & Impressions
IAA (Ireland)
All countries in Europe use EASAs ECQBs. From a student we just got this info:

ECQB5 is released in September 2018. When ECQB5 does come into play, it still won’t have any effect on pre September 2018 students as you are already allocated to either ECQB or ECQB4. ECQB5 database will only concern students who take their initial exam after 1st September 2018.

So it seems that they are using ECQB4 now and in September they change to ECQB5.
Wait but i don't understand.)
Students who have already began their exams with the previously database (Ecbq 4) will continue to use this?
How is it possibile?
Every European Caa will changes their quiz according to the "status" of the student?
Im sitting AGK, Per, Airlaw, Pof, Instruments, M&B, Comms in June is there any feedback ? Is there any last minute docs ? Is all the exams questions banky type!?

Any feedback will highly be appreciated.

In june 2021 i will be taking my next exams. I already did 4 out of the 14 in march 2020. Anyone nows if the IAA authority tests are with the new database (2020)? Or with the old one (2016)?