All Subjects of EASA Syllabus - 12 Months

EASA subjects covered by this subscription:
010 Air Law
021 Airframe, Systems, Electrics, Power Plant
022 Instrumentation
031 Mass & Balance
032 + 034 Performance (Airplane + Helicopter)
033 Flight Planning & Monitoring
040 Human Performance & Limitations
050 Meteorology
061 General Navigation
062 Radio Navigation
070 Operational Procedures
081 + 082 Principles of Flight (Airplane + Helicopter)
091 + 092 VFR + IFR Communications

* Please note that some questions from subject 033 - Flight Planning require the "Jeppesen student pilot route manual". You can buy it here.
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All content in English. Info on the number of questions available for each subject and competency level can be displayed here.