General questions

eShop (ordering, payment options, security, ...)

What payment methods do you accept?
How secure is your eShop? Is it safe to make payments online?
What is the CVN / CVN2 (Card Verification Number)?
How can I activate my subscription?
When you make the purchase through our website eshop, your access can be activated automatically or manually. These options to Activate now or Activate later are offered during the purchase process, when the order and payment are complete.

1. Automatic Activation (activate automatically)
When selecting this option, the subscription is activated immediately as soon as your online payment is received - there is no manual intervention needed from the administrators of Aviationexam or from you. If you are making an online credit card payment you can be studying in a matter of minutes, regardless of the time of the day. To use the system through our apps, which don't need the instant internet connection, please sync the respective app with our server in order to download all the data to the app.

2. Manual Activation (generate activation code)
Manual Activation gives you an opportunity to activate the subscription later. For example you purchase the subscription in January, but you can activate it at will - for example in May or even a year later. To activate the subscription, please login on our web page  - select MY ACCOUNT from the DASHBOARD - select the tab Subscriptions. Then click on "USE" link on the right side of the screen, next to the activation code.

In case you received the Activation Code from your friend (as a present or because you decided to take the advantage of purchasing more items under one user name for a better price), you will need to activate your subscription manually as well. Please login at our web page and proceed to Dashboard -> My Account -> Subscriptions and there you can enter the Activation Code. Confirm it by clicking the "OK" button.
Expired subscription - will I be able to access my online user account after my question bank subscription expires?
How can I get an invoice for my purchase in your eshop?
Do I always need to be online to use Aviationexam?
Do you offer discounts for groups?
I paid for a subscription, but it still shows 'only 5% of questions available.' What should I do?


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