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How can I purchase something from Aviationexam?
When can I start using the subscription I just purchased online?
How can I extend the validity of my current subscription?
Simply purchase a new subscription. It will be added on the top of your current subscription from a previous activation code (you will not lose anything).

And if you wish to purchase a subscription now and activate it later, you can do that too. Once the payment for your order is processed, select the option "Generate Activation code". You will be able to find the Activation Code & PIN at the bottom of your subscription page (DASHBOARD - MY ACCOUNT - Subscriptions). Click on the USE button which is displayed right next to the Activation code and PIN in order to activate the subscription.

Anyhow, once your subscription expires, you will not lose your testing history, flags or settings. You will not be able to display content of the database, but we do not delete user's accounts or testing history. All data stays at our server and when you decide to purchase new subscription in the future, you will be able to start exactly where you left off.
I want to study using iPad / Windows computer / Android device / etc... Which subscription shall I purchase?
I need to prepare for EASA CPL / IR / EIR / PPL exams – which subscription should I purchase?
Can I temporarily pause (freeze) my subscription validity when I’m taking a time off from studying?

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