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What are the differences between STUDY and EXAM testing modes?
Reset progress
I want to make sure that I cover all the questions contained in your database - how do I do it?
Online system technical requirements
I forgot my password
The online system keeps logging me out - why?
After I log in a test is started automatically, but I did not ask for a test to be started...
How many people can use my account?
How to synchronize saved tests?
This account uses third-party authentication provider - what do I do?
Progress is not 100 % but I saw all questions
What you see in the progress section is questions covered = questions that you answered correctly at least once (seeing them does not influence it, they need to be answered correctly).
In order to cover all questions, please use the option "incorrectly answered" in Study test settings. Once you go through those questions and answer them correctly at least once, they will be considered as covered.

If there are no questions with the settings "unseen questions" it means that you have seen all questions but it does not mean you covered them (=answered correctly)

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