022 - Instrumentation
EASA syllabus topics covered by this subscription:
022-01 Sensors And Instruments
022-02 Measurement of Air Data Parameters
022-03 Magnetism - Direct Reading Compass and Flux Valve
022-04 Gyroscopic Instruments
022-05 Inertial Navigation and Refrence Systems (INS and IRS)
022-06 Aeroplane: Automatic Flight Control Systems
022-07 Helicopter: Automatic Flight Control Systems
022-08 Trims - Yaw Damper - Flight Envelope Protection
022-09 Autothrottle - Automatic Thrust Control System
022-10 Communication Systems
022-11 Flight Management Systems (FMS)
022-12 Alerting Systems, Proximity Systems
022-13 Integrated Instruments - Electronic Displays
022-14 Maintenance, Monitoring and Recording Systems
022-15 Digital Circuits and Computers
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